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Health Policies Define Illness Processes

Health process and criteria evaluation are two of the most important factors in determing the effectiveness and outcomes for any public health program. If the wrong processes are targeted by public health officials, it's possible the health program looks like a success, when in reality, it's really a failure. Likewise, when the evaluation criteria does not match the desired health outcomes, it too can skew health program results to look better or worse than reality, without ever making any real progress towards creating a more healthy environment.

The goal of the CDC Vessel Sanitation Program is to minimize the risk for gastrointestinal disease aboard cruise ships. To accomplish this goal, the Vessel Sanitation Program (a) monitors reports of gastrointestinal illness to 'estimate' illness on ship voyages; (b) inspects cruise ships for obvious health issues; (c) provides crew members with health training seminars; (d) and lends technical assistance to international public health officials.

Cruise ship data excluded from these studies:

  • Voyages with less than 20 passengers.
  • Voyage that terminate (disembark) in non-U.S. ports
  • Same day voyages (those without an overnight stay).

Complete Data Period: 2001-0101 to 2006-0504
Outbreak Data Period: 2001-0101 to 2007-0218

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