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About Disease Strategies

Disease Strategies provides the general public with access to relevant public health and environmental information. The goal of Disease Strategies is to create a new level of health awareness by presenting 'hard-to-get' public health data from a variety of sources, including state and federal government agencies.

User Interaction on this web site provides essential feedback to other people concerned about the state and quality of health on cruise ships. Users are encouraged to 'tell their personal stories' about the gastrointestinal illness they receive from a cruise ship including their issues with diarrhea, vomiting and headaches. Users of this site are also encouraged to tell their stories on how they were treated after taking ill including any medical care, actual costs and any monetary offers the cruise line offer them after getting ill on the cruise ship. Readers of this web site should realize that the stories on this web site are opinions of other people and are not necessarily the views or opinions of the operators of this web site. Also, stories on this website are not edited or verified.

Beyond Opinions: CDC Data Not Available Elsewhere

We provide users with an open forum to express their frustrations with the cruise ship industry. This information, however valuable to a prospective cruiser, is not intended to supplant information available from other sources that provide actual qualitative and quantitative data about particular cruise ships and their owners within the United States. People benefit from cruising stories because prospective cruisers can benefit from descriptions of real life situations.

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Disease Strategies, LLC provides data-enabled software development services for public health agencies, health care providers and educational institutions. Software services include legacy data translation, database development and data presentation for both web and desktop platforms.
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