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Known CDC Data Issues: Relating to flaws in the VSP data, readers should disregard any outbreak data that exceeds 50% of the crew or passengers--as this information was probably incorrectly entered by the VSP and never reviewed for validity.

To obtain Gastrointestinal Illness health data on outbreaks, select the cruise ship from the list below. After selecting the cruise ship, detailed information relating to that cruise is displayed.

Cruise ship data excluded from these studies:

  • Voyages with less than 20 passengers.
  • Voyage that terminate (disembark) in non-U.S. ports
  • Same day voyages (those without an overnight stay).

Complete Data Period: 2001-0101 to 2008-0119
Outbreak Data Period: 2001-0101 to 2007-1231

2001 GI Outbreaks
Ship Name   Voyage Dates   Health
% Sick
% Sick
# Sick
# Sick
Arabella    2001-0220<>2001-0222   Lower 10%   14.2857   2.2727   1   1 
Caronia    2001-0316<>2001-0322   Lower 10%   9.4737   2.9777   36   12 
Caronia    2001-0311<>2001-0329   Lower 10%   11.5789   19.3548   44   78 
Caronia    2001-0124<>2001-0329   Lower 10%   0.5236   3.1315   2   15 
Celebration    2001-0317<>2001-0326   Lower 10%   0.2954   3.3910   2   49 
Oriana    2001-0220<>2001-0314   Lower 10%   4.4226   3.0249   36   51 

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