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To obtain annual Gastrointestinal Illness health data, select the cruise ship from the list below. After selecting the cruise ship, only those calendar years with valid CDC GI health data will be displayed.

Cruise ship data excluded from these studies:

  • Voyages with less than 20 passengers.
  • Voyage that terminate (disembark) in non-U.S. ports
  • Same day voyages (those without an overnight stay).

Complete Data Period: 2001-0101 to 2008-0119
Outbreak Data Period: 2001-0101 to 2007-1231

Ship List By Name
Ship Name   Cruise Line (Operator)  
Adonia    P and O Cruises 
Adventure Of The Seas    Royal Caribbean International 
AIDAaura    Aida Cruises 
Amsterdam    Holland America Line 
Arabella    Classic Cruises 
Arcadia    P and O Cruises 
Artemis    P and O Cruises 
Astor    Transocean Tours 
Aurora    P and O Cruises 
Azamara Journey    Azamara Cruises 
Azamara Quest    Azamara Cruises 
Brilliance Of The Seas    Royal Caribbean International 
C. Columbus    Hapag lloyd Cruises 
Cape May Light    Delta Queen Coastal Voyages 
Caribbean Express    Ferries Del Caribe 
Caribbean Princess    Princess Cruises 
Carnival Conquest    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Carnival Destiny    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Carnival Freedom    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Carnival Glory    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Carnival Legend    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Carnival Liberty    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Carnival Miracle    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Carnival Pride    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Carnival Spirit    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Carnival Triumph    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Carnival Valor    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Carnival Victory    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Caronia    Cunard Line 
Celebration    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Century    Celebrity Cruises 
Clipper Adventurer    Clipper Cruise Line 
Clipper Odyssey    Clipper Cruise Line 
Constellation    Celebrity Cruises 
Coral Princess    Princess Cruises 
Costa Allegra    Costa Cruises 
Costa Atlantica    Costa Cruises 
Costa Fortuna    Costa Cruises 
Costa Magica    Costa Cruises 
Costa Mediterranea    Costa Cruises 
Costa Romantica    Costa Cruises 
Costa Victoria    Costa Cruises 
Crown Princess    Princess Cruises 
Crystal Harmony    Crystal Cruises 
Crystal Serenity    Crystal Cruises 
Crystal Symphony    Crystal Cruises 
Dawn Princess    Princess Cruises 
DELPHIN    Marine Trade Consulting GmbH 
Deutschland    Peter Deilmann Cruises 
Diamond Princess    Princess Cruises 
Discovery Sun    Discovery Cruise Line 
Disney Magic    Disney Cruise Lines 
Disney Wonder    Disney Cruise Lines 
Ecstasy    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Elation    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Emerald Princess    Fincantieri Cantieri 
Empress Of The North    Majestic America Line 
Empress Of The Seas    Royal Caribbean International 
Enchantment Of The Seas    Royal Caribbean International 
Europa    Hapag Lloyd Cruises 
Explorer Of The Seas    Royal Caribbean International 
Fantasy    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Fascination    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Freedom Of The Seas    Royal Caribbean International 
Fuji Maru    Mitsui OSK Passenger Line 
Galaxy    Celebrity Cruises 
Golden Princess    Princess Cruises 
Grand Princess    Princess Cruises 
Grande Caribe    American Canadian Caribbean 
Grande Mariner    American Canadian Caribbean 
Grandeur Of The Seas    Royal Caribbean International 
Hanseatic    Hapag lloyd Cruises 
Holiday    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Horizon    Celebrity Cruises 
Imagination    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Infinity    Celebrity Cruises 
Insignia    Oceania Cruises 
Inspiration    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Island Adventure    New Sea Escape Cruises 
Island Princess    Princess Cruises 
Jewel Of The Seas    Royal Caribbean International 
Jubilee    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Le Levant    Compagnie Des Iles Cruises 
Legacy    Windjammer Barefoot Cruises 
Legend Of The Seas    Royal Caribbean International 
Liberty of the Seas    Royal Caribbean International 
Maasdam    Holland America Line 
Majesty Of The Seas    Royal Caribbean International 
Mariner Of The Seas    Royal Caribbean International 
Maxim Gorkiy    Unicom Management Services 
Melody    MSC Cruises 
Mercury    Celebrity Cruises 
Millennium    Celebrity Cruises 
Millennium Express    Access Ferries 
Minerva II    Swan Hellenic Cruises 
Mona Lisa    Kyma Ship Management, Inc. 
Monarch Of The Seas    Royal Caribbean International 
MSC Lirica    MSC Cruises 
MSC Opera    MSC Cruises 
MV Delphin Renaissance    Delphin Seereisen 
MV Discovery    Discovery World Cruises 
MV Explorer    V Ships Leisure USA 
Nautilus Explorer    Lever Diving 
Navigator Of The Seas    Royal Caribbean International 
Niagra Prince    American Canadian Caribbean 
Nippon Maru    Mitsui OSK Passenger Line 
NOORDAM    Holland America Line 
Nordic Empress    Royal Caribbean International 
Norway    Norwegian Cruise Lines 
Norwegian Crown    Norwegian Cruise Lines 
Norwegian Dawn    Norwegian Cruise Lines 
Norwegian Dream    Norwegian Cruise Lines 
Norwegian Gem    Norwegian Cruise Lines 
Norwegian Jewel    Norwegian Cruise Lines 
Norwegian Majesty    Norwegian Cruise Lines 
Norwegian Pearl    Norwegian Cruise Lines 
Norwegian Sea    Norwegian Cruise Lines 
Norwegian Sky    Norwegian Cruise Lines 
Norwegian Spirit    Norwegian Cruise Lines 
Norwegian Star    Norwegian Cruise Lines 
Norwegian Sun    Norwegian Cruise Lines 
Norwegian Wind    Norwegian Cruise Lines 
OCEAN BREEZE    Imperial Majesty Cruise Line 
Ocean Village    P and O Cruises 
Oceana    P and O Cruises 
Olympia Voyager    Royal Olympic Cruises 
OLYMPIC EXPLORER    Royal Olympic Cruises 
Oosterdam    Holland America Line 
Oriana    P and O Cruises 
Pacific - INACTIVE    Pullmantur Ship Mangement 
Pacific Princess    Princess Cruises 
Pacific Venus    Japan Cruise Line 
Palm Beach Princess    Palm Beach Cruises 
Paradise    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Pride of Aloha    Norwegian Cruise Lines 
Prinsendam    Holland America Line 
Queen Elizabeth 2    Cunard Line 
Queen Mary 2    Cunard Line 
Queen Victoria    Cunard Line 
Radiance Of The Seas    Royal Caribbean International 
Radisson Diamond    Radisson Seven Seas Cruises 
Regal Empress    Imperial Majesty Cruise Line 
Regal Princess    Princess Cruises 
Regal Voyager    Imperial Majesty Cruise Line 
Regatta    Oceania Cruises 
Rhapsody Of The Seas    Royal Caribbean International 
Rotterdam    Holland America Line 
Royal Princess    Princess Cruises 
Ryndam    Holland America Line 
Safari Quest    American Safari Cruises 
SagaRuby    Saga Shipping Company 
Sapphire Princess    Princess Cruises 
Scotia Prince    Prince of Fundy Cruises 
Sea Bird    Lindblad Expeditions 
Sea Lion    Lindblad Expeditions 
Sea Princess    Princess Cruises 
Seabourn Legend    Seabourn Cruise Line 
Seabourn Pride    Seabourn Cruise Line 
Seabourn Spirit    Seabourn Cruise Line 
Seabourn Sun    Seabourn Cruise Line 
Seadream I    Sea Dream Yacht Club 
Seadream II    Sea Dream Yacht Club 
Sensation    Carnival Cruise Lines 
Serenade Of The Seas    Royal Caribbean International 
Seven Seas Mariner    Radisson Seven Seas Cruises 
Seven Seas Navigator    Radisson Seven Seas Cruises 
Seven Seas Voyager    Radisson Seven Seas Cruises 
Silver Cloud    Silversea Cruises 
Silver Shadow    Silversea Cruises 
Silver Whisper    Silversea Cruises 
Silver Wind    Silversea Cruises 
Sovereign Of The Seas    Royal Caribbean International 
Spirit Of Columbia    Cruise West 
Spirit Of Endeavor    Cruise West 
Spirit Of Nantucket    Cruise West 
Spirit Of Oceanus    Cruise West 
Spirit Of Yorktown    Cruise West 
Splendour Of The Seas    Royal Caribbean International 
St. Tropez    Florida Entertainment 
Stad Amsterdam    Stad Amsterdam 
Star Clipper    Star Cruises 
Star Princess    Princess Cruises 
Statendam    Holland America Line 
Summit    Celebrity Cruises 
Sun Princess    Princess Cruises 
Sunbird    Sun Cruises 
SUPERSTAR LEO    Star Cruises 
Tahitian Princess    Princess Cruises 
Texas Treasure 1    Corpus Christi Day Cruises 
The World    Residensea 
Universe Explorer    V Ships Leisure USA 
Veendam    Holland America Line 
Viking Serenade    Royal Caribbean International 
Vision Of The Seas    Royal Caribbean International 
Vistamar    Hotel Playaventura 
Volendam    Holland America Line 
Voyager Of The Seas    Royal Caribbean International 
Westerdam    Holland America Line 
Wind Spirit    Wind Star Sail Cruises 
Wind Star    Wind Star Sail Cruises 
Wind Surf    Wind Star Sail Cruises 
WORLD DISCOVERER    Society Expeditions 
World Discoverer - INACT    Society Expeditions 
Zaandam    Holland America Line 
Zenith    Celebrity Cruises 
Zuiderdam    Holland America Line 

End Of List

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